McKenna: a nineteen-year-old girl who is constantly surrounded by piles of books (only half of which she's read), wishes that she were Mrs. Hepburn's best friend (the kind that ritually borrows things from the other's closet), is constantly on the lookout for a blue police box (he hasn't come for me...yet), has been visited by the Opera Ghost, and lives with Howl in his moving castle. This is my storeroom of thoughts and passions and goofy stuff. Enjoy. xox
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    Strike Team: Delta …

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    Missing @preptista and my favorite Frenchie, @missmaggiethefrenchie!! Make sure to follow along to see all of Maggie’s fab adventures. She’s the cutest 💕


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    • Me: I wanna do something
    • Anxiety:
    • Anxiety:
    • Anxiety:
    • Anxiety:
    • Anxiety:
    • Anxiety: No you dont
    • Me: But
    • Anxiety: No